Thursday, 20 September 2012

Profile: Jennifer A. McGowan

Jennifer A. McGowan lives in Oxfordshire.  She attended Princeton University, graduating cum laude, and obtained her MA and PhD from the University of Wales.   Despite being certified disabled at age 16, she became a semiprofessional mime and performed in five countries.  More recently she has taught both under- and postgraduates at several universities, in subjects as varied as English, history, and heritage studies.  Her poems have appeared in many literary journals on both sides of the Atlantic, including Acumen, Envoi, Agenda, The Connecticut Review, and Gargoyle; a chapbook, Life in Captivity, is available from Finishing Line Press.  She has been anthologised alongside such poets as Ursula K. LeGuin and Lyn Lifshin; songs she has written have been recorded on several independent labels.  Her website, with more poetry and examples of her mediaeval calligraphy, can be found at

Poem for the exhibition


O, woe the freddled deedledammer,
for he sardels with a stammer!
He cannot choi the kun-wa-dim;
no fili-fimberbaugh for him!
The deedledammer’s tursid plack
Goes neither forward-wise nor back
So micturation cannot be
A frim follute for such as he.
Accursed be the frycted sam
that will not let him deedledam. 

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