Monday, 24 September 2012

Add your Limerick here, or at the Lear exhibition

At the far end of the gallery 58 of the Lear Exhibition you will find a poetry wall, where you can add limericks and scribbles.

Here is an example

I like this one by anon. At least it doesn't repeat the first line as too many of Lear's do, rather irritatingly.

Here are some of mine.

You can send us your limerick here
In remembrance of old Edward Lear
But perhaps if you dare
You can add one right there
At the Gallery where he's held dear                        Nick Owen

The poet called Lear once said
It is nonsense that fills up my head
But I think you will find
He 's a quite brilliant mind
And his poems live on now he's dead                       Nick Owen

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