Monday, 10 September 2012

Poetry and Pictures, England

Some visitors to this web log may be interested in joining "Poetry and Pictures England." It is a group curated by Tina Negus and I, which shares poem-pictures from the UK.

The accent is on the pictures more than the poems.
People are allowed to create images for poems by other poets, not just their own work.

It is easy to join. You simply join Flickr and ask to become a member.

You might also wish to look at Tina's new book of poetry and pictures published by Indigo Dreams. I am more than happy to quote from the book cover.

"I tried very hard the other day to think of gifted people who were both artists and poets; there's Blake of course – and David Jones the great painter and calligrapher comes to mind, then there's Mervyn Peake of course but he's better known for his Gormonghast trilogy than for his poetry – and now there is Tina Negus. 

Her painting and photography goes right to the heart of things, is unfussy and uncluttered and has that element of truth that feels just right. No Emperor's suit of clothes with her work, you know there's no Oz wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings and shouting down a megaphone. It's the same with her poetry, the words resonate but not in any show-off way; the style is direct and urgent and goes straight to the heart of the matter. 

There are people who quietly beaver away producing gems and joys and sharing them."

Tina Negus is one of them.   

Mike Harding

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