Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Happy Birthday Edward Lear; The Press Launch I was invited to join the press launch of the exhibition this morning, the day before it opens to the public.
I asked the curator Colin Harrison to mention our part in it, but he did not have time.

Christopher Brown at least made mention of our poetry as part of the exhibition.

It was a great privilege to hear David Attenborough speak about someone he is passionate about.

He believes Lear has a very special place in our history and I believe him.

      I am sharing my reply to Colin's e-mail this afternoon, which expresses my feelings on the morning pretty clearly.

Dear Colin,

I was delighted with the launch. I hope you were. What a great job you have done.

I felt that Christopher had at least mentioned poetry at the museum in passing.

I was able to connect with a number of journalists about it.

I am posting some photos I took at the launch, including yours. Feel free to download the pictures if you like any.

There was something very special about DA live.

When he said thank you on behalf of Lear, you could almost believe Lear was speaking through him.

I wish I had set my camera to video.

Nick Owen

David Attenborough waxing lyrical on a subject he is passionate about

David A

David A

 The Director of the Ashmolean, Christopher Brown

Colin Harrison, curator of the exhibition.

and not forgetting the man himself, an oil of Venice by Edward lear.

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