Friday, 28 February 2014

FAR FROM ROME by Vahni Capildeo

The blue dusk settles at a rate,
and fields can be forgotten
as they are; as-they-were appear
uppermost, lidded, swept smooth;
beneath, left still, kiln-fired
vessels belonging to him,
pleasing to his strong, torn hands –
so very much not in Rome,
this redeployed general.

The sea mixed in your eyes,
arrived at cruel decisions
yet stalling execution.
I would have sworn to die for you
sooner than try to live with you.
The sea swarms in my ears.
I sift your breath through mine.
A modern probe might take me
for less-than-human remains,
for nail-seed dirt and cumin.
I wouldn’t mind; being her,
and yours.

            But not in this life –
the intolerable one
which, when the blue dusk scratches,
lends it my eyes. To discern,
alone, your life, indicts me.
Such knowledge a reburial.
Turn me to copper, one of you
gods he only temporized with:
melt me down then score me
the music for last things.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Readings for February

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Diana Moore                                       The Tallard Madonna                  Early Italian gallery

Vahni Capildeo          Far from Rome          All Roman Remains              Gallery 13

Debbie Moogan   ‘the hunt in the forest"                 Early Italian gallery

Jenifer McGowan   Being British in gallery 21 statue of Clio             Randolph gallery

Tina Negus   WINGED INANNA as MISTRESS OF BEASTS.                Sumerian gallery