Saturday, 20 October 2012

November 3 2012 Gallery Performances

The order of running is not yet fixed, but here are the times and names of performers with their works and objects.

Session 1  12.00-13.30

Session 2  14.30-16.00

Please gather in the Randolph Gallery on the left of the main entrance.

Poet                           Poet                   Object/location

Sarianne Durie                      Sphinx                                        Randolph gallery

Jalina Mhyana                       Seeding Prometheus                       Piero di Cosimo/ The Forest Fire

Diana Moore                         ASHMO-LEAR-EAN                     Nonsense Poetry/Lear exhibition

 Paulette Mae                   'the ghosts of the five moons'       'Fishing nets' by Yang Yanping (LI1486.4)

 Louise Larchbourne         Earth Wash           Virgin and child with St Joseph

Paul Surman              The road to Emmaus     John Linnell 1792-1882.      Room 66

Sean Quinn                Cloud Mantle   John, Count of Nassau, van Dyck    Room44

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