Thursday, 4 October 2012

Edward Lear in the media, and National Poetry Day News


I may not get to the Ashmolean, but you can have this,

Good luck,

Happy Birthday Edward Lear
And the limericks we hold so dear
Five short lines
And two simple rhymes
Are enough to illicit a cheer.

The winner of the stanza competition is announced for National Poetry Day

THE WINNING POEM: 'Stone written' by Angela Stoner

Not a calm or a cool stone
It still carries the charge of its birth
the fracture of every wave smash
the bruise of every pebble smash,
every power hammer of the sea
the jarring fall of every tide
the percussive battery of stone slides
as each pebble rubs its partner up the wrong way.
It carries the record of every knockout blow
etched in white hot lightning stripes.
Angela Stoner lives in Cornwall. She runs workshops which explore the therapeutic power of writing. She has two published books Once in a Blue Moon (Fal publications) and a collection of poetry Weight and Flight (Oversteps Books). She finds the support and insight of groups such as Stanza invaluable.

Angela: "The poem was inspired by a workshop led by Alyson Hallett where she gave us stones to explore. My stone seemed to speak of the fiery relentless violence of its life. Every knock seemed marked on the stone like wounds. I aimed for percussive, repetitive phrases which would echo its experience."
John Siddique: "One of the wonderful things about poetry is that it places the life of a person or object or time into the reader’s soul. Line by line poetry can paint a picture that will stay with the reader changing the way they look at the world in a small way ever after. This poem does just that."

Angela's poem will be sent to the Forward Prize judges for consideration for the Best Single Poem of the year, and Angela will be invited to read at a future Poetry Society event.

I have been collecting stones from everywhere I have ever been for fifty years. This does nothing for me.
perhaps if we had the picture of her stone it would all come through.
I have never chosen or seen a stone that made me think this way. You could saythat was great. It has opened my mind.

I disagree.  Give us a picture, if you want to convince with your poem.

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