Sunday, 1 March 2015

Gallery Readings for March 21st. The last readings from this weblog

First of all a big thank you to those of you who came to my presentation at the museum yesterday.

There were so many people there I did not even notice my first wife and her husband somewhere at the back.

I shall make the slide show of it available on line in due course.

One woman walked out thinking that photoshopping Blake is almost sacrilege, but the great majority seemed to think it was good.

There have been a number of requests for a workshop on the theme, which is very gratifying.

The date of the final set of gallery readings is 

12.30‒1.30pm & 2.30‒3.30pm Gallery Activity 21 FREE Poetry in the Galleries  March 21

The theme is beginnings and endings.

Please choose an object which inspires a poem on that theme which you can interpret as you wish.

I shall focus on the Ark to Ashmolean gallery, so I can end where the Ashmolean begins.

Several people have said that they will contribute a poem, but it will still be down to actually sending one to me in good time.

I would love to hear from you or simply see you at the event.

I am told there may be a gathering afterwards.

Please ask Jalina for details.

With every good wishNick Owen

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