Monday, 16 February 2015

Readings for February 21st in The Blake Exhibition

Poet                                         Poem                             Object/position

Tony Isaacs                             Anthem                                              Jerusalem

Julie Forth                             Imagination Divine                           By the printing press
                                               I turn my back to the east

Nick Owen                            Lovers redeemed                    Illustration for Dante's Inferno

Sarianne Durie                      Samuel Palmer                        Palmer: Late twilight

Debbie Moogan.                   Behold Newton.                      The Newton image                

Louise Larchbourne            Metamorphic                       The approach of doom; Robert Blake

Diana Moore                      Awaiting title                             The ghost of a flea

Jennifer McGowan            £52.10.0                                      The apprentice agreement

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  1. This was so inspiring ! How utterly wonderful to stand surrounded by the evidence of Blake's vision and to hear poetry written in response to works in the exhibition from the mouths of the poets, a joy. I hope you do more such events.