Thursday, 2 May 2013

Gallery readings for May 11th 2013

Poet                             Poem                                                    Object                                                    Place

Jennifer McGowan         Papa Tells me Pearl Divers Don’t Drown                    Martin von Landshut picture                            
                                                                                                                                      outside Dutch still Life room

Diana Moore         1)  Bicci di Lorenzo (1373 - 1452) Saint Nicholas of Bari banishing a                           
                                                                                                                         storm                                Room 35

                                   2) The ship in the Michael Wellby Collection:  Item 14 Parcel Gilt Ship      model German, Room 35 

Paulette Mae                   sunburn    'Faded Glory: Turkish Ceremonial Dress'      [EA 1960.105]                                    

Nick Owen                   Nephthys                    Nephthys’ images on coffins                   Egyptian Gallery (various 

Andrew Smardon           Aestel                       The Alfred Jewel                                                Room 41               

Katherine Shirley      The Radley Earrings  The Radley Earrings  AN1944.122a-b  British Collection

Giles Watson         Climbing Olympus                  Atrium sculptures                                         Atrium staircase

Vahni Capildeo        To be announced

Special reading      

         Poems on XU Bing  3.30 p.m.  ONLY                          at the exit to the exhibition

Nick Owen, Jennifer McGowan, Sarianne Durie, Giles Watson

The exhibition needs careful attention, and has not been well attended.

This repeat performance will allow people who do not want to pay to visit the exhibition, or who saw it earlier, to hear our poems on a very interesting theme before the exhibition ends.

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