Sunday, 14 April 2013

and quiet flows the Cam

I suppose I should have said the Ox or the Thames....

but that would not have been XU Bing Like.

He deserved a better attendance. Even Oxford felt deserted on a blustery day no worse than many of late and much less cold than it has been.

So much money spent on Xu Bing and so few visitors.

I had time to look in at the Bodleian  to see the Love and devotion exhibition.

It is tiny and dark, but full of wonders you can see more clearly on line.

I think we have Xu Bing her now, largely because the Bodleian invested in Chinese books in the first years of its existence.

Maybe it is true, Oxford belongs to the past and its Edward Lear's. It isn't ready to embrace the new waves.

We did not get the amazing lake of words on our ceiling. I would love to have seen that.

Our little poetry group put up a good show though. Giles was inspired to work on a poem on it after listening and watching with us.

The Ashmolean has added us to its face book feed.

But neither my attempts to do more publicity, nor the Ashmolean's attempts to promote Xu Bing are paying off.

It is not too late though. The exhibition runs on into May.

There was good synergy between Jenifer, Sarianne and I, in our poetry. Together, the picture of the exhibition was clearer and stronger.

We have twice the number of poets for May, but I would like the XU Bing poems to be read again.

Things to ponder.

Comments and feedback very welcome.

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