Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Forward Programme

 Poetry at the museum is growing and our plans are ambitious. 

We have dates in the diary for the next “What’s On” gallery performances.  They are April 13th, May 11th and June 15th.  We shall soon have our own dedicated place on the museum website to promote our work.

I shall lead an introductory workshop “From art to poetry, making poetry at the museum” on April 21st  10.30 – 3.30.

Looking further ahead to the summer holiday period, we will be putting on week day lunch time recitals every week through August in the lecture theatre. These will be paid events.

I shall lead a two day summer school in August on poetry at the museum.

We aim to continue coverage of upcoming exhibitions. We will offer performances towards the end of the exhibitions to give us a chance to visit and study works before we write and perform. As before there will be a mixture of exhibition and outside exhibition performances.

In June there will be a Master Drawings and a Stradivarius exhibition.

This autumn, September to January, there will be a Henry Moore and Francis Bacon exhibition.

Moving ahead to 2014 there will be a Manet and Modigliani exhibition from February to June.

The big one for us will be the Blake exhibition from November 2014 –February 2015.

We also plan paid performance events in the atrium.

 January Performances  

Poet                                    Object                                Title

Vahni Capildeo  Rm. 15 : Lucera bronzes #7, 'Dog or Wolf'.               Dog or Wolf

Paul Surman                               Room 7 Money:                                   HOARD

Giles Watson                                    Room 39                             Cittern and Virginal
Diana Moore                                   Eastern Art                               "And here we have..."

David Olsen           the Stradivarius violin.                                      A Silent Messiah,

Nick Owen  14 Century Italy Room (1st Floor)                             A very Christian Goddess.

February Performance

Poet                         Object/place                  Title

Dr J McGowan                    Egyptian room                                          Pharoah’s concubine

Nick Owen                         Egyptian Room                                           Death mask

Giles Watson                    Waterhouse (PreRaphaelite room)                Ariadne

Paulette Mae  Dancer looking at the sole of her right foot (WA 1950.8) by Edgar Degas        twist

Vahni Capildeo    Rm 48 #83 Jan Jansz. van de Velde III [still life with glass of beer]. A Table of My Own  

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